If You Do It Right, Sales is Boring!

Last time we talked about how critical it is to have a well defined sales system. A repeatable set of actions that lead...


Last time we talked about how critical it is to have a well defined sales system. A repeatable set of actions that lead to a successful outcome. Once you have that system in place and your sales people have done it enough to have it memorized, sales gets a little boring. It should. 

Having this ingrained system means that you don't have to think about the steps. You can truly pay attention to the customer. You can really listen in depth for their pain points, their frustrations and their goals. Because your system is on autopilot, your customer feels cared for, secure, and willing to trust you to help them.

You are no longer the sales person trying to close the deal, You are their trusted advisor, acting to secure a solution to their problem. By putting an emphasis on authenticity, active listening, and interactions that focus on adding value, salespeople can build better relationships, gain trust, and get results that last. So, let's change how we think about sales and see how a more quiet method can lead to long-term success.

People often think of excitement, enthusiasm, high-energy, and hype when they think of sales. But what if it was the opposite? What if you had a specific path to uncover needs and wants, maybe some they don't even know they have and you do it in a way that is calm, but engaging. What if you hyped their problem instead of your solution? You are now helping, not selling, but you are closing more business than ever before. The reason? It is no longer about the sale. It is only about the solution.

Getting people to trust and believe you

When you focus on being real instead of putting on a show, you build more trust with your customers, and it is deserved. Simply have more honest and open conversations, which makes customers feel comfortable and valued. By focusing on making real connections and meeting customers' specific needs, you build trust that leads to long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

Active Listening and Deep Understanding

Salespeople can use the power of active listening and deep understanding by making their sales style less flashy. Pay more attention to what your customers are saying. Understand the details of their problems and goals. When you do this, you can better tailor your products and services to meet customer wants. In turn, buyers feel like they were heard and understood, which makes the sales relationship stronger.

Emphasizing Value over Hype

When you take a solutions based approach, the focus shifts from making hype to providing value. You don't have to rely on flashy shows and overstated claims. Instead, focus on the real benefits and practical solutions you offer. 

You can also determine if you have a real solution, and have the courage to tell a customer when they aren't a good fit. This way, customers can make choices based on the value they will get instead of being swayed by excitement on the surface. By focusing on the value of what they're selling, salespeople can make relationships that last longer and help both parties.

Cultivating long-term relationships

Sales is no longer about making one-time deals. It is about building relationships that will last. By making customer satisfaction and support a top priority, you build trust and keep your customers coming back. A solid system infuses the whole company with a positive sales mentality: deliver the best product for a particular problem and delivery that in a thoughtful complete way. Customer Service no longer happens after the sale, it is an extension of the sale.

Efficient and Long-Lasting

This sales process is, in the long run, more efficient and long-lasting. You can streamline your sales processes, make better use of time, and focus on jobs with the most value. By getting rid of distractions that aren't necessary, salespeople can work better and get better results.