Clay Posey Founder of Clearbox Strategies Inc. Has a Clear Spot for Day 4 of The GTM Games on  February 17, 2023

We live in unprecedented economic and geopolitical times where market volatility impacts all elements of GTM strategy....


We live in unprecedented economic and geopolitical times where market volatility impacts all elements of GTM strategy. GTM Games is an interactive event series where top B2B revenue leaders cross-train their GTM skills with VCs.

Our goal for Season 2 is to provide concrete techniques, frameworks, and methods that work to drive revenue in any season. Be a part of the movement of a whole new category of GTM Simulations! GTM Games is the most disruptive B2B event series ever conceived. Like the Barkley Marathons, it is innovative, bold, and compelling because Marketers and Sellers finally collaborate and cross-train to solve real go-to-market challenges in the form of intense simulations.

Today, we are excited to have Ms. Natalie Marcotullio who will help us to learn how to bring PLG to your GTM motions with tactical ways to implement product-led marketing. Product-led marketing is a strategy used to focus on a product's value and features when designing a marketing campaign. It normally involves creating content that is focused on delivering customer education and showcasing the product's capabilities to prospective buyers, rather than directly promoting it. This strategy is usually coupled with tactics such as product demos and product launch events to further highlight the product's main benefits.

How does the game work?

Six sellers will face off in a series of Revenue Methodology challenges. Top coaches will take the first ten minutes of the game to teach a lesson that highlights specific sales methods like MEDDIC. Contestants will then have 30 minutes to practice and demonstrate that methodology. They will be judged on each other’s performance and the lowest performer will be eliminated each day. Then the competition flips to week 2 where marketers compete coached by sales leaders. The seller who demonstrates the best mastery of the MKT method will go on to compete head-to-head with the marketer who has exhibited proficiency in the sales method. The competition culminates in a VC Endgame which is a GTM simulation.

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